Il malato : Ttrailer (Sick of it)

Fist Prize @ XVI Arcipelago International Film Festival 2008
Official selection
Cinema Italia Official Selection, Stockton/San Francisco, California, 2009
Italy’s Young Talent, A Showcase of Italian Short Films, Fairfield University, Virginia, 2009
25th European Film Festival of Lille, 2008
27th Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Sweden, International Competition, 2009
40th Bolzano Short Film Festival, 2008
6th Salento Finibus Terrae, 2008
Castello in Movimento, Massa Carrara, 2009
Produzione: Artea Film, The Family, Sky
On air: Sky Cinema

Production co. Artea Film, The Family, Sky Cinema
Director: Antonello Schioppa
Produced by Lorenzo Cefis
Co-Produced by Carlo Tosi
Ex. Producer: Matteo Costantini
Starring: Pierpaolo Candela, Massimiliano Loizzi, Silvia Beillard
DP: Carlo Miggiano
Editor: Nicola Mucelli
On air: Sky Cinema

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